For Ed. (From someone who fell in love with you when you woke him up.)

Dear my Ginger Head,

Way back four years ago when I thought only me knows Ed Sheeran and I am alone in the world of admiring him. I turned our radio on and heard a beautiful voice over the speaker. It was Ed Sheeran and he was singing the most-soulful music I heard in my entire life. He was singing his first known single, Give Me Love after Lego House from the album +. The moment I heard the song, I dropped my pen and stared at the speaker as if it was possible to see who the singer was. When the longest three-minute of my life passed, hairs still stood on the back of my neck. I quickly surfed the net and searched the name of the song and the singer. As I watched the music video, tears streamed deep in my veins from my crest. My blood became warm, warmest than it has ever been. That moment changed my life. My life was no more merely about writing, but my heart also grew hairs and reached for him. I avoid talking about him in school because my classmates always say I’m crazy every time I talk about him. Now, I’m still crazy for him that I even filled all of my notebooks with his pictures for motivation. And now, many people already know him. It’s so nice to see people posting in their timelines, song lyrics, pictures, and titles of his songs. Indeed, this was an amazing year for Ed. I hope these people will become solid Sheerios and feel the same feeling I felt when I first heard his voice.


Forever yours,



Integration of Technology to Education (Informal Essay)

I can still remember fighting for a place to grab a book whenever we’re seated in groups in my elementary years. I can still reminisce those days that we have to rush in the Multimedia Room just to find a seat in front to watch “Sineskwela”, with a pen and a notebook in my hands to take down notes properly, taunting to miss a single information about a particular topic in Science like it’s a once in lifetime experience.

Civilization and Education blended well, I have to say. When the computers came into our school during my Fourth Grade, I was dying to take Computer Classes as well. I know that it would be helpful for future use especially in my studies. However, bigger things in life still matter in those days and my parents saw it as a waste. It was because of my cousin who suffers from poor memory that I was able to encounter and meet Computer face-to-face. By the time internet cafes emerged in communities, I was there. My cousin always bring me along with her to remember important keys in surfing the internet like the functions of those three buttons in the upper right of a window. Those were the first things I learned about the internet and the computer. Little did I know that computers have already become viral in other countries before it reached Philippines. In my free times, I always turn to our Encyclopedia (the thickest book in our house other than a Bisaya-written Bible and a Dictionary) and read the pages again. It didn’t matter how many times I’ve read it already because I always discover new things whenever I read that magical book. It was also in our Encyclopedia that I was able to conclude that U.S. has mastered the use of computers long before Philippines has encountered it, for it was at the back of the Encyclopedia where I found websites about particular topics like Volcanoes and Astronomy. The evolution of my computer-life started from there. The only social network I know that time was “Friendster” which eventually turned into obsolete as time passed. Those years were quite far from now where every corner, you can always see a computer shop or an internet cafe. Civilization is not the only thing that has been contained by Technology. Even in our way of life and in Education, technology has played a vital role. It is difficult to decide has really helped students in their academics. It is because, the existence of the internet has become a reason of many things. Yes, its benefits are taken, but it is also because of the internet, students rely for their outputs, researches, assignments, and more. Far from the traditional ways of studying where critical thinking is at its highest reign in the students’ academics performance. It’s because of the internet, students became riotous, wild, and delinquency was at its highest rate. Children who are supposed to enjoy and celebrate their childhood have become addicted to computer games. In education, the computer and the internet indeed has helped a lot. On the other hand, students have become dependent to the internet and even the teachers. Teachers want the outputs of their students passed via email or printed out. Instead of saving for emergency purposes, it has become burden to students and their parents.

Things always have negative and positive effects to give. It is always up to us to choose what will we use it for or if we will let it rule over us.